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Where the world of flavor meets the magic of laughter and celebration. Zayn, award winning global music artist, our Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer, embarked on a flavorful journey with us.

Discover the Story

Zayn’s Flavor Journey with Mixoloshe: A Secret Love Story

Zayn is our Co-Owner, Chief Creative Officer, and the maestro behind Mixoloshe's magic. His journey with Mixoloshe has been a tale of serendipity, a love for flavors, and an extraordinary secret well-kept until now.

Over six months ago, Zayn stumbled upon Mixoloshe, and it was a sip that changed everything. The flavors, especially the fiery Mango Chilli Crush, the zesty Orange Old Fashioned, and the Caribbean Mojito, struck a chord with his taste buds like a new harmony.

Back at home, Zayn made Mixoloshe his drink of choice, sharing laughs and memorable moments with friends over these delights. And then came the twist — he decided to make Mixoloshe a part of his journey, but the world didn’t know it yet.

In a rare interview appearance, he subtly showcased a can of Mixoloshe, leaving his fans to wonder. Perhaps you even spotted Mixoloshe making a cameo in his latest music video, where he teased the world with a flavor-infused secret.

What no one knew, is that Zayn’s love for Mixoloshe ran deeper than just being a casual admirer. He saw the potential and, most importantly, believed in our mission.

That’s why he became not just a face but a Co-Owner of Mixoloshe, bringing his creative genius to the heart of the brand.

That’s why Zayn became not just a face but a Co-Owner of Mixoloshe, bringing his creative genius to the heart of the brand

Taste the Love

So, when you take that first sip of Mixoloshe, you’re not just savoring a drink - you’re joining Zayn on a flavor odyssey that’s sweet, spicy, and zesty, all at once

Welcome to a world where every sip tells a story, and the taste of love is infused into every can.

Cheers to our secret journey, with Zayn leading the way!

In his debut creation, Zayn didn't just craft an incredibly delicious drink. He poured his passion into sharing the taste of his personal favorite – the captivating Lychee Martini.

Imagine the essence of freshly picked lychee fruits—perfectly ripe and brimming with sweet floral notes—infused with a lively sparkle, enough to make a unicorn jump with joy. This is the heart and soul of Zayn’s Lychee Martini.

"Taste the Love, Savor the Memories. Share a Laugh, Share a Sip with Me"






No Nasties

Gluten free

Ready for a chance to score ultra-limited swag, personally signed by the one and only Zayn?



Hidden within selected 4-packs* of our delightful Lychee Martini by Zayn and Orange Old Fashioned, there are 100 coveted 'Golden Tickets'.

If you discover one of these gems in your drink pack, you're an instant winner and you can grab your personally signed by Zayn tee here!

*which are also part of our 12-packs, each contains three 4-packs

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