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For Hire Tee
Ashley Rohrman
Nicole for President

Love love love watching and following along on the smash army journey!! I’ve been sober for almost 3 years now so this is actually a really cool product that my husband and I will most likely try. Nicole tho… you’re doing amazing. Keep it up!!

For Hire Tee
Nicole’s marketing strategy brought me

I had never heard of mixoloshe before Nicole. I've been following for over a month now! Once I came to the site I actually am interested in the products too!

This marketing strategy really is “thebestmarketingstrategyever”

Beachside Variety 12-Pack

Flavors aren’t very good. Disappointed I bought so many for the smash army

Nicole for CEO

You don’t lock a thoroughbred in the barn, Mr.Manager. You let her run the show🐎

Caribbean Mojito 4-Pack
Cynthia Colbert
old fashion is very good!

My husband loves the Orange Old Fashion whiskey dring. I'm wishing for a traditional margarita and cosmo.

The whole experience will start to finish was disappointing

Everything about this was disappointing. Trying to order initially and the website not working. It wasn’t delivered on time and appeared to be lost in the Postal Service. I contacted customer service three separate times and never heard a single thing back from them. A few weeks later my package showed up But it had every single flavor that I had ordered wrong. I didn’t get a single thing that I’d actually ordered and I did not care at all for The flavors I received.

Love it!

I ordered the FOMO tee in white and it’s so comfy! I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the graffiti-style design.

Smash intrigued me. But the product wowed me

I decided to follow Nicole the intern to support a young person working hard and crushing (pun intended) her marketing goals. So I followed, got on the email list and bought the martini flavored drinks. I was shocked at how good they were. She brought attention, the product is worth it. Low calorie, good taste and fun way to party without alcohol.

Wack Shirt

Can we get a Smash Army shirt already?! In Camo preferably?!

For Hire Tee
Never heard of you before Nicole…

She’s your ticket to success.

Nicole for president.

Mixed feelings

This one had a medicine-y taste to it out at first sip. The smoke flavor is really subtle, like I have to chase it down to notice it. The sweetness stood out more than anything.

I doctored this up pretty quickly with some bitters, so now it’s technically not non-alcoholic, but not enough to matter for me. I added lime coriander and grapefruit because those were two I had that I thought would go best. I thought it could be nice with something a little spicy, then remembered I had a jalapeño so added a slice of that. Fresh lime could also be good.

With the bitters and jalapeño, it’s kind of growing on me, but I don’t know if I’d buy it again over another flavor.

From not bad to pleasantly surprised

I ordered this flavor as part of a custom 12 pack, but wasn’t expecting too much since this one was the one that was hyped up and how do you even make a non-alcoholic martini?

Overall, it’s not too bad. Definitely has a nice lychee taste but not too sweet. It’s got enough body in it, which is usually what I feel is missing in non-alcoholic cocktails.
The taste and consistency make me sip it like a cocktail, contributing to the overall experience. (Plus I put it in a fancy glass.) It doesn’t have the bite you get with alcohol, but I don’t know if I miss it?

The more I drink it as I’m writing this review, the more I like it. But I still don’t know if I’d call it a martini.

I wanted to like this, but it just tasted heavily of vanilla.


Nicole for ceo

For Hire Tee
Nicole got my attention!

Can’t wait to try these, never heard of the brand before the can smashing! Best hype woman ever💯


We really liked these! The old fashioned has a spice flavor to it that is great, the lychee was sweet but not over the top, and the mojito was a little different than a typical one, but still good! These are a good alternative that actually feel like you're having a drink, plus the cans are beautiful!

Obsessed 🤩

The variety pack is THE PERFECT COMBO! It's always so enjoyable to have a lychee martini after a long day of work or share some Caribbean mojito with my coworker at lunch break. I won't lie, I've tried almost all the flavors and still can't decide which is my favorite one 😅 ALL! That's it... I said it!

Beachside Variety 12-Pack

Flavors are off. Not worth the price tag really.


Hire Nicole before someone else does! Just admit she proved you wrong Mike!! GO NICOLE THE NEW HIRE

I am new to this product. I love the concept and the branding. Marketing is fantastic. I thought I had ordered a variety pack but turned out I got just Lychee flavor. I can’t say I would re order the lychee flavor. But I’d be open to getting the other flavors to try them.

For Hire Tee
Here because of the can smash

Nicole for CEO


The quality is amazing
So thick and shiny
Didn't expect this
Now all I need is to buy a red mini fridge and I'll have my own mixoloshe fridge 🥰

Not crazy about it

Graffiti Sweater
Mélanie Lapierre
Comfy and great quality

The fabric is so comfortable! Love it so much. Great quality.

Great taste

Loved my Mojito

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