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Based on 123 reviews
Great Variety Pack!!!

I decided to choose the variety pack because I haven’t tried the other two flavors before. I absolutely loved both of them along with the Lychee one.

Lips Unisex Hoodie
Judith Ruiz
Lips Hoodie

I absolutely LOVE my hoodie! It is a great quality and so soft! I'll be putting in another order since my daughters want some merch soon! 💚💛 And I've gotten others to order some merch too! Thank you so so much! We love Mixoloshe and Zayn! 💚💛

They taste amazing. Hard to believe they are nonalcoholic!

Mango Chili Crush
Cynthia Treminio

One of the best drinks ever!

Very close to the real thing

I am always seeking alternatives to adult beverages and love it when I find a delicious one. I bought every flavor to sample. All of them are very close to tasting like their alcohol namesake. For me, that's the problem. I didn't expect that tasting a Caribbean Mojito would be less than satisfying. I also found that the beverages left my stomach feeling unsettled. (probably just me)

The ingredients list "natural flavoring" which could include a wide range of spices, oils, extracts and oleoresins. I think the combination of some of the spices is what made me feel unsettled.

Taste just like a Margarita

Definitely taste like a margarita. Not over powering with the smokiness but that was a plus! I poured over ice and added a salt rim. It was EXCELLENT

Absolutely stunning.
It's so soft abd comfortable

Beautiful colours, great thick fabric
Fast shipping.

Beachside review

I really liked the mojito. I did not like the gin and tonic. The margarita was so so.

The blueberry G & T was not a favorite. But the other flavors were good. Trying to seek partial refund or credit.

Evening with MIXOLOSHE

This product was excellent. I had the variety pack, and the flavors were all great. I did enjoy!!

Mixoloshe by Zayn Tee
Jenny Eriksson

Love it

Unfortunately none of these taste remotely good. The flavors are so bad to the point that they were barely even edible. I’ll most likely throw them away. Very disappointed especially for the price. Never again.

Karma Sweater
Kelly Espinosa
Love this sweatshirt!!

Love the design and the lightweight fabric. It’s so soft and warm on the inside it’s become my favorite sleep shirt in this cold weather. Plus sleeping with something Zayn designed doesn’t hurt!! 😉💛💚❤️

Karma Sweater
Parul Tandon
Comfy crewneck

Light, comfy crewneck
Fits a little tight even though I ordered medium, and it arrived with a couple of dark stains, look like maybe got during shipping
Other than that, I like it and hope to be wearing it for a long time


Zayn serves the best from everything.

Amazing NA premixed drink!

Tastes amazing! We are trying to cut back on drinking, and this gives my husband and I a way to still enjoy a fun drink without the alcohol. We have 2 young kids, and wish I knew about these while I was pregnant as well!

Bestie Sweater
Jenny Eriksson

Soooooo cozy

Zebra hoodie

The color is absolutely amazing. The hoodie is so comfy and it's fits perfect
Thumbs up

Mixoloshe by Zayn Tee
Iliana Draganova

Mixoloshe by Zayn Tee

Honestly, surprised how good they are

I didn’t set any expectations when I ordered but they came, they saw, they conquered (my taste buds). I had my first real Lychee after a farmers market in Key West, then tried this and holy moly! It’s sooo good! I drank all of mine in one day… whoops! Guess I have to order more!

The Best!

Love it! Love everything about it. The fabric, the size... I might need to get a couple more, one is just not enough

Surprised by how good it tastes

I got a free sample can in a Hello Fresh order, and I was genuinely surprised by how good it tastes! I miss the taste of alcoholic beverages, but I gave it up a long time ago to honor my Lord Jesus. This feels like a great way to experience the taste like alcohol again without the potential of getting drunk or addicted. Awesome product!

don't like the taste

Zayn’s Signature Edition Tee: Taste the Love


Your go-to for effortless, bar-level mocktails at home. Sip on our award-winning blends. Non-alcoholic and expertly crafted for authentic taste. Zero mixing. Low-calorie. Pure enjoyment. Professional mocktails, made simple.

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