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Hope this finds you sparkling! 🌈

We’re here to chat about serving up your favorite Mixoloshe non-alcoholic cocktails in ways that level up your taste & chill experience. Lounging solo under the stars or hosting the social soirée of the season?  We’ve got the tips to make your Mixoloshe moments unforgettable. 🎉


First things first, let’s talk chill. Our sparkling mocktails love to be cool - think fridge-chilled or a brief stint in the freezer (just don’t forget about them!). This keeps the fizz fizzy and the flavors fabulous, without any ice needed to dull the sparkle or dilute the dazzle.

Keep those cans between 3-5°C (37-41°F) for the perfect balance of refreshing chill and flavor fidelity.


Choosing the right glass can transform your drink from a simple sip to a full-on experience:

Orange Old Fashion fan?

A lowball glass adds that touch of class.

Mojito moment?

A highball glass is your go-to for refreshment.

Martini mimic?

A martini glass brings sleek sophistication.

Blueberry Gin Tonic twist?

A balloon glass elevates those aromatic flavors.


Ice can be nice, especially on those warmer occasions. If you’re leaning towards a little chill:

  • Go for large ice cubes or balls - they’re slow melters and keep your drink cool without the quick water-down.
  • Tailor your ice use to the drink’s flavor profile. Stronger tastes can stand up to a little dilution, adding a refreshing edge.


Garnishes are your flavor flares - they’re not just pretty; they pack a sensory punch!

  • For the Orange Old Fashion, consider a twist of orange peel and a cocktail cherry to enhance the citrus notes and add a dash of sweetness.
  • Drop a sprig of mint and a lime wedge into your Mojito mimic to transport your taste buds.
  • A skewer of green olives or a lemon twist in your Martini-esque mocktail brings elegance to every sip.
  • Blueberries and a twist of lemon or rosemary in your Blueberry Gin Tonic lookalike add color and an aromatic twist.

Cheers to making every sip a celebration! 🥳

Remember, Mixoloshe mavens, it’s all about making the moment yours. Whether you go ice or no ice, choose the glass that speaks to your spirit, and garnish with gusto, - it’s your experience. Our sparkling, non-alcoholic cocktails are designed to delight and dazzle, from the first frosty sip to the last lingering taste.