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Award-winning mocktails that taste like the real thing

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Only the good stuff

We are as real as it gets: We only use clean ingredients, and you can pronounce all of 'em. And at only 45-50 calories per can, we're real healthy, too.

low carb mocktails
Low Calorie
low sugar mocktails
Low Sugar
low carb mocktails
Low carb
gluten free mocktails
Gluten Free
No artificial flavors
Nothing artificial
natural ingredients in your na mocktails
All Natural

Mix & Match


Craft your perfect sip-set! Mix up to 3 flavors to build your own unique 12-Can Pack.

Sophisticated Mocktails For Every Occasions

Mixoloshe won the Sip Awards Double Gold Medal in 2023
Mixoloshe won the Sip Awards Gold Medal in 2023
Mixoloshe won the Sip Awards Silver Medal in 2023
Mixoloshe won the Sip Awards Bronze Medal in 2023
Mixoloshe won the IWSC Award with 93 points in 2023
Mixoloshe won the World Spirits Competition Bronze Award in 2022 and 2023
Mixoloshe won the Bartender Spirits Gold Award in 2023
Mixoloshe won the World Spirits Competition Silver Award 2023
Mixoloshe won the Ascot Gold Award in 2023

Awarded Taste

Low Calorie

Low sugar

Low Carbs

Gluten Free

Natural Flavors

Nothing Artificial

Mocktail variety pack featuring old fashioned, caribbean mojito and lychee martini

Signature Variety Pack

Indulge in the elegance of the Mixoloshe Signature Variety Pack, featuring three exquisite non-alcoholic mocktails. Savor the exotic Lychee Martini with its delicate floral notes, escape with the vibrant Caribbean Mojito bursting with fresh mint and lime, and relish the rich, spiced allure of the Orange Old Fashioned. Each sip promises a sophisticated blend of flavors, perfect for any occasion where style and sobriety meet.

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Raise Your Spirits, Literally!

The only non-alcoholic Spirit that isn’t encouraging you to cover up its taste. Drink us neat, on the rocks, or do your own thing if you can’t help it.

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